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Exporting Images From a Word Document in Bulk

How to batch download pictures in Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint file is explained.


Exporting Images from a Word Document in Bulk. Microsoft Word and Excel documents may contain images added by users. However, you may not always want to have multiple images in your document. In such cases, you can use the Bulk Export Images feature in Microsoft Word! With this great feature, you can save all consecutive images wherever you want in bulk with just one step. Downloading multiple photos one by one from your Microsoft Office Excel or Word file is a laborious and time-consuming task. With this process, you can download multiple images in bulk to your computer without any loss.

Bulk Download of Images in Office Content

The topic discussed here has been based on a Word document. Similarly, you can bulk download images from Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint in the same manner. Before we begin, make sure to have the essential Winrar program installed on your computer for extracting compressed files. If Winrar is not already installed, you can install it by clicking HERE, which is the official Winrar download link.

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Let’s first enable the option to show file extensions as it comes turned off by default for the operating system. To do this:

  • In the search bar on the taskbar, type “File Explorer” and click on the result that appears.
  • Click on the “View” text in the top menu.
  • In the opened submenu, activate the “File name extensions” option under “Show.” This will allow you to see file extensions in the operating system.

If you want to disable file extensions again, you can follow this path to remove the checkmark. You can see the extensions of Office, video, audio, and image files on your computer.

  • Let’s save the Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file from which we will export its images to the desktop. The file extension for your document will be “docx” for Word, “xlsx” for Excel, and “.pptx” for PowerPoint. As shown in the example image below, delete the extension after the dot (.) and replace it with “zip.”

  • A warning message will appear. Confirm it, and your file will turn into a compressed zip file. Now, click on this converted zip file and click on “Extract All” to extract all the files onto your computer desktop.

  • Go into the Word file (or Excel if it’s an Excel document) among the extracted files, and inside it, you’ll find the “Media” folder. Here, you’ll find all the images from the Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document, preserved without any loss.

Video Tutorial: How to Bulk Download Images from an Office File:

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