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How to Activate App Lock on Xiaomi Phones?

How to hide the application and lock the application on Xiaomi Redmi phones is explained.


How to Activate App Lock on Xiaomi Phones? App lock on Xiaomi phones is an important security measure for users. With app lock, access to certain apps or files on #Xiaomi devices can be secured through a password, fingerprint, or facial recognition feature. The app lock feature allows users to keep their personal information more secure. When you open a locked app, you will encounter the entry option based on the security password you configured. This option will help you activate it. Perhaps one of the most popular features for Xiaomi phone users is the “Hide App” security setting. Among the app settings, you can start running desired programs in invisible mode by clicking on the “Hide App” option without the need for another program. The primary purpose of app lock on Xiaomi Redmi phones is to prevent unauthorized access to personal data stored on the device by individuals who do not have permission.

Xiaomi App Hiding

According to our example, I will set a lock on the phone’s gallery application and enable it to be opened with a fingerprint lock.

  • Let’s access the “Settings” section of our Xiaomi phone.
  • When we scroll down the page a bit, we will enter the “Apps” section that appears.
  • Within this screen, let’s access the “App lock” option.

  • Tap on the “Open” text that appears to set a pattern password for your app lock.
  • The next screen is related to linking with your Mi account and is optional. It is required for resetting your password if you forget it.
  • Tap on “Use app lock” text and use your fingerprint to register it to open the application.

All the applications on your phone will appear. You can select which applications you want to hide from here. In our example, I just need to activate the option next to the Gallery application entry that I want to hide. If you want, you can go to the “Hide sensitive notifications” section to hide the app’s notifications as well. When a notification arrives, the text won’t be displayed on the screen.

Additionally, you can customize lock settings by entering the settings section located in the upper right corner of the screen. In the lock settings section, you can choose how the lock will be activated. It will automatically engage the app lock when you exit the app or when the device is locked. If you prefer, you can also optionally change the lock methods for encryption. If you wish to remove the app lock, you should follow the same steps mentioned earlier to deactivate the app lock that you enabled.

Xiaomi App Lock Video Tutorial:

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