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How to Check Detailed Hardware Specifications of a Phone?

For Android and iOS, the subject of mobile application explanation to see device information in detail is covered.


Smartphones play a significant role in everyone’s lives today. Since we started using them, smartphones have evolved significantly and continue to do so. Hardware refers to the components used in a product, including the processor (CPU), memory (RAM), storage space, camera sensors, and other components. These components are the fundamental elements that determine how your device will perform. If you are thinking of buying a #phone, it’s important to determine the hardware specifications based on your usage, as it can affect the cost. If you plan to use your phone for gaming, social media, video recording, and photography, you may need to choose a phone with higher-end hardware specifications. When considering purchasing a phone, you can check specific features from the manufacturer, and you may also want to inspect the hardware specifications in detail to ensure the authenticity of the phone. I recommend using a free mobile application that provides detailed information about your phone, including its hardware specifications. Additionally, you can find valuable insights on forum pages on websites dedicated to smartphones. Expert users often provide advice and reviews that can help you get a closer look at the phone you intend to buy.

Phone Specification Viewing App: CPU X

For Android and iOS operating systems, I recommend the mobile application “CPU X” for checking your phone’s specifications. You can download it by searching for “CPU X” in your device’s app store. You can also access the official download links provided below. This app allows you to view detailed hardware specifications not only for phones but also for tablets.

  • Android Version of the App: LINK
  • Apple iOS Version of the App: LINK

The CPU X app not only displays all the features of your phone but also measures its performance. You can find and view the specifications of various phones, and even compare one phone with another of your choice. In the app’s forum question-and-answer section, you can follow user comments and participate in discussions if you wish.

  • Device Technical Specifications – Obtain the most comprehensive information about your device, such as processor details, including cores, speed, model, RAM, camera specifications, sensors, and more.
  • Smartphones Comparison – Examine the detailed technical specifications of Android smartphones.
  • Internet Speed Monitor – Check the current download and upload speeds in notifications and view the combined speed in the status bar.
  • Battery Monitor – Monitor the current in milliamperes being charged or discharged in notifications.
  • News and Articles – Stay updated with the latest technology updates and informative articles.
  • Testing – Test the functions of your device, including screen, multitouch, ear speaker, speaker, microphone, vibration, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, fingerprint sensor, volume buttons, flashlight, headphone jack, and charging port.

Other Tools:

  • Ruler – a precise linear scale for measuring distances in centimeters and inches.
  • Compass – a handy tool that uses the device’s magnetic sensor to indicate the Earth’s magnetic north.
  • Bubble Level – a tool designed to show whether a surface is level in the horizontal plane.
  • Emergency Signal – a colored screen light with text for signaling in emergencies.
  • Widget – a semi-transparent widget on the home screen that displays essential information about the device’s status.
  • If you are considering purchasing a phone and are torn between two models, you can try this application to get a better idea by comparing hardware and performance. You can also find video tutorials on how to use the application, including Turkish language support, on our @webkonutv YouTube channel.

CPU X – Phone Information Video Tutorial:

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