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How to Split and Remove Pages from a PDF without Software?

Programsız PDF doküman içeriğinden, istemediğimiz sayfayı nasıl çıkarabiliriz konusu anlatılmıştır.


You might want to remove unwanted pages from a PDF document. There are online web solutions available for this purpose, as well as free software programs. However, if your PDF contains sensitive content, we do not recommend using online websites. Instead, you can easily edit and remove specific pages from a PDF without using any software. With this practical tool, you can access web-based solutions from any computer using any web browser. Functions like splitting a PDF into parts or extracting specific pages are available.

Removing Unwanted Pages from a PDF:

The steps described here are performed using the Google Chrome web browser. The same steps apply to Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Firefox browsers. You can use your preferred web browser to perform these operations. For example, we have a PDF document with five pages. In our scenario, I want to remove pages 2 and 5, leaving only pages 1, 3, and 4 in the PDF document.

  • First, right-click on the sample document you want to edit. From the context menu, choose the option ‘Open with’ and then select ‘Google Chrome.’ You can use your preferred web browser if it’s different.
  • Next, click on the printer icon in the top right corner of the screen. Choose the ‘Save as PDF’ printer as your destination. Select the pages section as ‘Custom.’

  • In the pages section, based on our scenario, we want to remove pages 2 and 5. So, we write the page numbers we want to keep (1, 3, 4) separated by commas. The preview area will show the content of the pages you entered.
  • Just below the same page, click on the ‘Save’ button.
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You’ve now created a new PDF file on your desktop, containing only the pages you specified. Depending on your document, you can customize the pages section to suit your needs. You can easily remove specific pages from a PDF and create a new document using a web browser.

Video Tutorial on Splitting PDF without Software:

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