How to Check Detailed Word Count in a Word Document?

asked on 17 September 2023

How to Check Detailed Word Count in a Word Document? You can view detailed word count, paragraph count, and other values in a #Word document you are working on. To do this, simply follow these steps: Click on the “Review” option in the top menu of Microsoft Word, and from the dropdown menu, select “Word Count.”

As seen in the example graphic, within the Word document content, you can see detailed content statistics, such as the document having 2 pages, consisting of 384 words, 9 paragraphs, and 41 lines. If you select a portion of the text, you will only see information related to the selected area. If you don’t select any part of the document, you will see statistics for the entire document content.

You can also pin these statistics to the Word document toolbar. To do this, right-click on the Word document toolbar at the bottom of the page, and from the options that appear, select the relevant options (word, page, paragraph, line, character).

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